Blog 9.29.17


Welcome to the JFM Editorial blog. I’ll be posting here regularly so please be sure to check back at least a couple times a week for new content and insights into whatever is going on in my mind at that particular time.

Because this site is fairly static — there isn’t a whole lot to discuss about the ins and outs of development editing, copyediting, etc., or at least nothing that perhaps hasn’t been said before — I will be using this blog as an opportunity to share my personality, my interests, my thoughts on what’s going on in the world, travel photos, whatever, as a means of making your experience with JFM editorial that much more personalized. I’ve blogged before and enjoyed it and I look forward to doing so again here.

I’ll keep this first blog posting short and sweet, and I’ll close it with a list of 5 things that I’m really into right now, in no particular order. This is just stuff that currently rocks my word and may rock yours too!

  1. Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novack’s “The Vietnam War” on PBS. If you haven’t seen it yet, start streaming catch-up. I was born at the tail end of the conflict but have never truly considered the sheer horror and scale of it and how it defined my parents’ generation. The interviews are fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking; the remastered video footage is harrowing; but what really strikes me is how contemporary it all feels. Why must we (or rather, some leaders) ┬árefuse to learn from the past?
  2. “First They Killed My Father” streaming now on Netflix. This is beautiful and compassionate filmmaking by Angelina Jolie. A Cambodian-language true story about a young Cambodian girl and the experiences she and her family go through during the Khmer Rouge takeover of 1975. An effective companion piece to “The Vietnam War.”
  3. “Mother!” A brilliant, uncompromising and shocking horror film/allegory by Darren Aronofsky. Critics and audiences are divided (to say the least) about everything pertaining to this film. I loved every minute of it. Jennifer Lawrence gives the performance of her young career while Michelle Pfeiffer is an absolute hoot in a smaller but significant role. Gave me the chills unlike any film of its genre since Rosemary’s Baby.
  4. Tom Perrotta’s latest novel of suburban ennui and middle-aged angst, “Mrs. Fletcher.” As always, Perrotta is a master of alternating laugh-out-loud funny with the prescient, awkward, and poignant. I don’t like it quite as much as his earlier “Little Children” or “The Leftovers” but I like it well enough to recommend it here.
  5. Jonas Kaufmann’s new CD “L’opera.” A collection of French opera arias — some familiar, some relatively obscure, but all showcasing Mr. Kaufmann’s astonishing range and vocal beauty. ┬áI have it on repeat.


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