Based in the village of Brockhall in Northamptonshire, England, perfectly positioned between London and Birmingham, JFM Editorial is a boutique literary agency that specialises in working with authors in a wide range of non-fiction categories, including business/entrepreneurship; memoir/autobiography; current affairs and history; pop culture; food/wine; travel; sports; LGBTQ history and issues; legal history; and true crime.



“Jon Malysiak is a joy to work with—a serious and engaged reader, a careful editor, and a tireless champion of books he loves. He is always considerate and engaged with every aspect of a book’s development and publication. Kind and wise, he is a true editorial and publishing professional.”

— Anton Piatigorsky, author of the novel Al-Tounsi

“Jon Malysiak is a talented editor who gets it all – from a book’s acquisition and structuring, through its editing, design and marketing. He can even assemble and conduct a first-rate author podcast! I have worked on two books with Jon, and found him always responsive and thoughtful.”

– Paul Goldstein, author of the Michael Seeley novels

“My book, Crime of Complicity: The Bystander in the Holocaust owes a great deal to Jon Malysiak. Jon’s hands-on editing skills, constant availability, sensitivity to the topic and understanding the project’s complexity were integral to the book’s success.  From suggesting research directions, to working on draft after draft to finding the “right” cover Jon was truly “all in.” I am a firm believer that writing is a team project: writer and editor must be in “sync” in order to ensure the final product be as good as it can be. Jon’s efforts on behalf of the book were critical to meeting that goal.”

— Amos Guiora, author of The Crime of Complicity

“Jon is a perfect delight to work with.  I thank my lucky stars I was fortunate to have his experienced hands shepherd my book to the finish line.  Calm, considerate, supportive throughout and with years of publishing wisdom to offer. What more can an author ask for?”

— Dina Gold, author of Stolen Legacy: Nazi Theft and the Quest for Justice at Krausenstrasse 17/18, Berlin

“Jon simply Rocks! Makes the process enjoyable and seamless. Helped my Dad edit a book on a hallmark immigration case involving a 1970s bitterly contested deportation of Beatle John Lennon Jon cut through the delicate parts like butter and was appreciated for his sage counsel”

– Michael Wildes, author and renowned immigration lawyer

“Jon and I worked together on several book projects (he on the editorial side, me on publicity/marketing) and I found him to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. When I needed questions answered or problems solved, for myself or the authors, he always came through. I highly recommend him as an editor and a book pro. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

– Jill Bernstein, Jill Bernstein Communications